If you don't know someone who owns an electric car or what is also known as an EV, you will at some point. Even if it is not fully electric you may know someone who has a hybrid.

I am pretty sure I will always be a girl driving a car that consumes gas but hey you never know. My main reason for not switching is the fear of not being able to plug in. And don't even get me started about the idea of a plug at my house.

Less Range Anxiety for Electic Vehicles  on the New Your State Thruway

If you do own a hybrid or EV you are probably laughing at me about the plug fear or what they call "Range Anxiety".  I have enough problems remembering to plug in my phone imagine the pressure of remembering to plug in your car.


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But this is not about me it is about the hundreds of thousands of people who have already switched to some form of electric vehicle and where they can plug in on the New York State Thruway.

New York State Thruway Announced New Car Charging Station

The map I shared below shows all the stations along the New York State Thruway. The map includes the newest which went live today at the Clarence Service Area in Western New York. There are now 6 new 350kw universal fast charging stations at the stop.

So if you are traveling the NYS Thruway you should be able to find plenty of spots to plug in. The backroads will be a different story, More on that to come.

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