Have you ever had to go to a Notary? No, it isn't some weird medical procedure that requires pain medication, it is a service that someone provides to show proof that the document you signed was really signed by you, and that the document you are signing is a 'real one.'

When might you need a Notary or Notary Public in New York State?


You would need a notary when you are signing official documents, like a mortgage, a will, or official documents. The notary will always double-check to make sure that you are who you say you are, via correct non-expired identification.

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What change was recently made to how a Notary or Notary Public tracks their attestation?

Ngampol Thongsai
Ngampol Thongsai

The change that New York State recently started requiring of Notary Public is directly related to the records that they must keep on who they notarize things for. The change for the notary's record-keeping must show the following, from part 182,9 of the Recordkeeping and Reporting section of the NYS Notary Public License Law (PDF)

  • Who the documents were notarized for, name and address, plus what form of identification was used, along with the date and time of the service.
  • If there were witnesses, the same information will need to be collected for the witnesses.
  • The number and type of notary services that were provided for that day.
  • The Notary must keep the records on file for 10 years from the date of the notary service.
  • The Notary must be able to provide these records to the New York Secretary of State, should it be deemed necessary.

Every thought about becoming a Notary? I have a friend who was one. She originally got it to be able to notarize documents through her job but found out that she was also asked to do it for a lot of other friends, neighbors and colleagues.

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