Wallethub did a recent study to find how the U.S. ranked, per state, on the most sinful chart.

As you can imagine, Las Vegas comes in at number 1, followed by Texas, Florida and California.

Now, if you have ever been to Vegas, there is no doubt why that got the number one ranking.

New Jersey actually fared better than New York but only by one rank.

New York came in at number 20, with Jersey coming in at 21.

Jealousy, Anger, Hatred and Greed where some of the determining factors so I can kind of understand NY's ranking but what do you think made NY so sinful?

I mean, New York City is technically New York so you know that those numbers came into play.

With that said, did New York really get a fair ranking?

I'm at least happy to see that religion and politics wasn't used for the rating.

Now, go be sinful New York.


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