Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York needs $61 billion from the federal government to avoid massive budget cuts to education, schools, police, fire departments and more.

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On Tuesday, Cuomo again asked Congress to pass another stimulus package to help states deal with the fallout of the health crisis.

“You really want New York State to turn around and have to cut schools and cut local governments? You know who local governments are? That’s police, firefighters. You want me to cut hospitals?” he said.

The governor said the Empire State needs $61 billion from the federal government or he would be forced to make "devastating” budget cuts to local governments, schools and hospitals.

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“When you don’t fund the state, who does the state fund?” Cuomo said. “That’s police, firefighters. Hospitals are the nurses and the doctors who just got us through this and everyone celebrates as heroes. If you don’t fund a state, that’s who you’re cutting in terms of finances,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo wants the federal government to fund New York State and help working families. He said another federal stimulus bill needs to reimage America. He called for an investment in public infrastructure.

"The federal government bailed out big corporations and gave millionaires a tax cut in the first COVID bills. It’s time for them to fund: -State and local governments -Testing and tracing programs -A real economic stimulus that helps working Americans," Cuomo tweeted during his press conference.

He proposed a new law "The Americans First Law." He said the federal government can't help big corporations and not the American people. His proposal would refuse government bailouts for companies who don't rehire employees that were laid off.

"If you don't hire the same number of employees pre-pandemic, give the money back," he said.

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