In a cruel twist on irony, a New York man is dead after officials say a grave he was digging at a cemetary collapsed on him. The NY Post says the incident happened Thursday morning at around 8:30 A.M. The incident is currently under investigation, as there are still just a few details available. And while many people work dangerous jobs every day, you wouldn't probably imagine a freak accident like this happening that resulted in you being buried by mounds of dirt.

Police say the 42 year-old man from Coram, NY was leveling out the bottom of a grave at Washington Memorial Park in Mount Sinai, when it ended up collapsing down on him. Officials say the man's coworkers tried to dig him out from all the dirt but were unsuccessful. ABC NY says the man was buried in a hole over seven feet deep, which has got to be an absolutely horrifying way to die. This is the stuff of nightmares.

Emergency crews responded to the incoming 911 call, but sadly the man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to authorities.

Due to the obvious associations, cemeteries aren't exactly a place most people would want to hang out in, let alone work at. But if you have any ominous superstitions being near all those graves, it's a good thing you weren't near the front of the Elmwood Cemetery in Bethlehem, NY in March 2020. Police say a woman was driving while intoxicated when her vehicle went off the roadway, struck a telephone pole and a pillar at the cemetery entrance off 9W, and then crashed into several gravestones.

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