Recently, a driver took a rather brazen approach when stuck behind a stopped school bus. WETM is reporting that rather than stopping for the bus like everyone else, the man behind the wheel decided to drive up on a nearby lawn and pass around the bus. From there, the driver proceeds to drive through two more front yards.  And according to one angry resident, this isn't the first time this particular driver has pulled this stunt.

See the video HERE.

WETM says that the most recent incident happened October 14. A local father says that the same person drove up on his lawn to go around a bus about a month ago. Concerned for his daughter, who has special needs, the Elmora man set up a camera to try and catch the suspect. The bus his daughter boards is equipped for school children with special needs and sometimes can take longer once stopped..The man said that this can lead to a line of traffic building up behind the bus.

They’re not looking for cars coming up the sidewalk. That’s unusual. So, I just don’t want anybody to get hurt.

No wonder so many bus driver are under so much stress? This has left many administrators and parents across the Hudson Valley and the rest of the country reeling as we're only a few months into the school year. You may remember this story that went viral back in September?One teacher promised his students a class field trip, he intended to deliver, no matter what the cost. Let's just say his approach to the matter was a bit different. Newsweek is reporting that an 11th grade English teacher had to use a last minute alternative for a school bus trip when their original plan fell through. In this case, the high school students boarded a full-scale party bus, complete with stripper poles and LED lighting. The teacher posted a pic of the students on board their unique vessel September 17, gaining tens of thousands of likes on Twitter.

The teacher said the trip was a phenomenal experience and that the students didn't mind the unorthodox voyage.

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