Some gun owners or friends of gun owners in New York may be getting a knock on their door from local law enforcement for an interview about purchasing a firearm. Will giving them a copy of the Constitution be enough?

Gun laws in New York changed on September 1. With the change brings new eligibility restrictions for concealed carry permit holders in New York City. The next time you're in the city, you may see Gun Free Zone signs posted throughout the city.

Concealed Carry in New York

The new gun laws require New Yorkers to receive a background check, safety course and in-person interview. Many law-abiding citizens would find these measures reasonable. However, the interview process does raise questions. Where is it? When is it and who will be conducting it?

According to the New York Post, Mayor Adams hinted at checking social media posts as well as NYPD officers knocking on doors to get an idea about the potential permit carrier's character. The interviewee could be the concealed carry applicant, reference, or neighbor.

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So far, the door-to-door interview seems to be a process that will occur in New York City but could we see something similar make its way to the Hudson Valley?

If the police knock on your door do you have to legally answer and speak to them?

According to a local attorney, Alex Mainetti, you do not have to speak to the police but if they are checking on a friend's reference or your own permit, you could be denied a concealed carry permit.

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Could something like this happen in the Hudson Valley? It is possible. Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro stated that they will not be knocking on doors in Dutchess.

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