School is back in session just about everywhere, and it means for many young students, change is ahead. Change can be good...and sometimes it isn't.

Parents said their goodbyes, as students have been busy the past few weeks moving all their belongings into their new homes, ready to face the new semester ahead.

What one student at Hamilton College found in her dorm room, however, would have been enough for some to want to transfer to another school.

The Times Union says the student from the Clinton, New York school apparently found a five-floor boa constrictor behind her refrigerator. And here most college students are worried about messy roommates or potentially poor facilities when moving into their new school home.

The Times Union is reporting that the snake was the property of another student and the animal had somehow escaped. As you would guess, snakes this size are not allowed at fact, anything aside from service animals are not.

The potentially lethal constrictor is reportedly not a service animal of any kind.

The snake was taken to the Woodhaven Wildlife Center in Chadwicks, NY, where its owners will pick it up, according to the Times Union.

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