You may have heard the story while you were growing up about the town that was hungry and the people who lived there didn't have enough food to make a meal, so they came together with what they had, put it in a pot with stones and made soup. It ended up being enough for everyone and then some. It is a tale that teaches team work and the idea that together we can solve anything.

The stone soup tale maybe a story I love from my childhood, but a big bowl of stone soup is something I love as an adult who hates cold winter weather. Yes, you can actually make stone soup and you can make it with a stone. As a matter of fact this Saturday (January 30, 2021) you can join a Zoom event that will teach how to make Green Goddess Stone Soup.

This Saturday (Jan 30, 2021) is a Crafting Kitchen Magic session with Stacey Schaffer where she will walk you through how to make this delicious soup that also happens to be good for you this time of year. The Zoom session starts at 12 PM and it is free to attend. Everything you need to know including the ingredients will be available before the session. Click here to register in advance.

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Stacey who attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City has cooked in both home and professional kitchens for decades. She invite everyone to join her to explore how you can throw things together to create something 'magical and good for your immune system".


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