Yesterday was National Pizza Day which first of all upsets me.  Everyday is pizza day.  Just like everyday is Ice Cream Day.  I digress.

I don't know if it's another marketing scheme or if they really think they are but according to New Jersey's Official Twitter account, they declared themselves the "pizza capitol of the world"

The New York Post had a field day with it and you can read the whole article HERE

I have had pizza in NY, Chicago and even the PA Pizza Capitol but I'm pretty sure Italy is probably better than any of those, not to mention NJ.

Maybe I'm wrong.  I'm not an expert on pizza but I am a lover of it but I'm pretty sure there is better all around pizza than in Jersey.

The NY Post says that the tweet about New Jersey being the 'Bagel Capitol of the World" last week on Twitter and getting huge reaction, it seems like a stunt.

Whatever the case.  Where IS the best pizza?

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