It is probably one of your biggest expenses every month, groceries.

If you're like me and you have a hard time believing how much money you spend every week or month on groceries, the folks over at Hannaford are trying to help out.

Most of our favorite grocery stores have those key chain things that you scan during check out to save a little money and now some of the bigger chain grocery stores are entering the App world.

According to the Times Union, all of the 181 Hannaford grocery stores in the Northeast are now going to start accepting their rewards based app and if you choose to use the app you could save a little money.

Hannaford says that shoppers that use the app will earn a 2 percent reward on every store brand item they buy, including fresh meat, seafood, deli items and packaged products, they have over 5,000 items in store that qualify for the reward program and unlike most stores, prices will stay the same whether shoppers enroll in the program or not.

If you would like to sign up for the reward based program you can download the app on Apple products and Android devices and you can enroll on Hannaford's website. If you are one of the first 400,000 customers to sign up, you will get free grocery offers.

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