There was a time when Prime Time in Highland was one of the hottest spots in the Hudson Valley. It was a gay bar, but everybody was welcomed, no matter what their sexual preference was. Prime Time was always busy. You’d be lucky to get a parking space on a weekend night. But once you did, you got to be part of the fun party going on inside.

When Prime Time closed, I was really surprised. It was so popular. I don’t even remember how many years it was closed for, but it seemed to sit empty for quite a while. Every time I would pass it while driving on Route 9W, I thought how sad it looked. Especially when it was such a hopping place back in the day. A few months ago, I heard that there were plans for a new place, but I didn’t hear too much after that. Until now.

Here’s some great news for you. The Prime Time building is no longer empty, and it will be hopping again very soon. The former Prime Time is now Locox Tapas Bar and Restaurant at 3353 Route 9W in Highland, and they’ve announced that their grand opening will be on Sunday, July 15 at 10 PM. If you like things with a Latin flair, I have a feeling you’ll love the new Locox Tapas Bar and Restaurant.

According to the grand opening poster on the Locox Facebook page, this is going to be quite the major event with food, drink, and plenty of performers. It’s great to see that building back in business again. We wish good luck to the folks at the new Locox Tapas Bar and Restaurant, and can’t wait to join the party.

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