All this week you can celebrate National Hugging Day. You are encourage to show public displays of affection towards people, animals and even things. Hug your friend, hug your pet even hug a tree. You are guaranteed to feel better. It is a known fact that hugging can make you feel better whether you are the hugger or the huggie. The "O" side of X's and O's is one of the most beneficial expressions of emotion. A good cry once in a while will clear the brain but a hug can actually heal.

So what makes a good hug? In my opinion a good hug has a few requirements. It needs two arms wrapped fully around with a big squeeze finish. Wearing a cuddly sweater or piece of clothing also adds to the benefits of the hug. You should also make sure that you aren't wearing to much perfume or cologne. Smelling good is important but leaving a scent bomb behind can often turn a healthy hug into an aroma attack.

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