We all say it and sadly we all know it, manners have sort of slid out of fashion. Most people try to be on their best behavior but let's face it over the last few years being polite or even worrying about etiquette has become something we are surprised to see at times.

When you are with family or friends you may be inclined to be overly thoughtful but I think we can all agree that the pandemic took a toll on how we treat strangers. I don't personally think we are doing it deliberately. I believe by nature humans want to help each other and be polite. But I also think many of us have reached the end of our fuse.

Schools for Manners in New York

Child holding a thank you sign standing against white background

Over the past two years, all of us have had to do extra just to get through a daily routine. And although it is great that the world is back up and running some of us still need a nap, me included. So when we are out and about and it appears that someone has forgotten their "manners" we may be more likely to be rude in return.

So I say let's start practicing our manners and I say let's do it this week. It is actually the perfect time to do it because according got the National Days Calendar this Monday (May 9, 2022) officially kicks off National Etiquette Week. Now if you are wondering what etiquette has to do with being polite I give you the Reader's Digest Rules of Etiquette that should always be practiced. My favorite is number 21 "always let people exit the elevator".

The Reader's Digest list is actually quite modern so if you are looking for something more traditional that includes the simple "pleases and thank yous" then you have to go to the OG Emily Post. You can also sign up for a class if you think you need one at the Etiquette School of New York and send the kids to Mini Charm School of New York.

So let's try this week to use our manners and treat people the way we want to be treated.

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