New Coke is back! Is there a product you want to see brought back?

Jess told us this morning that the folks over at Coca-Cola are getting ready to bring back the "New Coke" flavor for a limited time. It has something to do with the Netflix show Stranger Things, season three being set in the year 1985. Yes that's the year the "New Coke" came out and if I remember right, most of the world hated it.

I don't remember trying the "new coke" but there are a bunch of older things that are no longer around that we would love to see brought back. Think about some of the things that you loved when you were younger that company's for one reason or another decided to discontinue.

For me the one thing I would love to see in stores again would be the classic Jello Pudding Pops, (minus Bill Cosby of course). I loved the vanilla ones!! As far as soda goes, as a kid I loved Orange soda, specifically loved Orange Slice. I would def buy again if I could.

Jess said she wants to see Doritos bring back the 3-D Doritos chips, the ones that were filled with air, LOL!

How about you? What product would like to see brought back? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us your suggestion on Facebook.

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