This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Locals call it "the cold spot," a place on the road where there's a drastic drop in temperature and a thick mist. So yeah, it's a little freaky.

There's fog, and then there's a fast-moving mist that you can get lost in. The cold spot reminds us of the latter. The above video makes the hair stand up on the back of our neck. We couldn't imagine seeing it in person. But, on the other hand, we bet it's a very surreal experience.

Fran Christian Armitage

According to the Lake Champlain Region, the cold spot is a short section of road in Witherbee, a hamlet in Moriah, New York, characterized by an ever-present fast-moving curtain of fog.

To get the full experience, ride through it on a bicycle, motorcycle, convertible, or walk through it. You will experience a severe drop in temperature while being immersed in the fog that's so thick you can't see your hand in front of your face. Sounds pretty spooky right?

Fran Christian Armitage

Although it's fun to let your imagination go wild, there is an explanation behind the phenomenon. The cold air is coming out of the old iron ore mines that were active from the 1820s until 1971. The cold air is specifically coming from the former Roe Mineshaft located on the side of the road at that location. Lake Champlain Region describes the process:

That mine apparently is situated such that warm air goes IN one entrance, and OUT another, meanwhile having been cooled by the typical 50-degree temperature below ground...If the air above ground is, say 75-degrees, and that cold air from the mine reduces the temperature, and the dew-point, the moisture forms the cloud droplets- or spooky fog- that you can see.

You can find the cold spot near the junction of County Route 7 and Tracy Road in Witherbee, New York.

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