It's hard to believe that it's the end of a decade and the beginning of another one.

So many things have happened over the past 10 years and I can honestly say that I would have never pictured any of them happening at the beginning of 10 years ago.

We have all experienced things in the past decade that we probably wish we could forget about or pretend that they didnt actually happen but we need to take them into the future as a learning experience.

I never would have pictured myself being married, especially to the person that wouldn't even give me the time of day when we first met.  I wouldn't have ever thought that my career would have taken me where it has.

A baby?  That was something that was only a dream.....but 2018 it became a reality.

Take everything from the past decade, good and bad and use it to make yourself and your life better.

Be kinder.  Be a better friend, spouse, parent and child.

I lost my step mother and then a few years later my father.  Life is to short.  Tell people you care about them.  Take a chance.  Don't be afraid.  Don't be ashamed of who you are, whom you love or what you want out of life.

That's my thoughts on this decade.  Go be great.


Happy New Year.

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