I had a few days off but it wasn't for vacation unfortunately.  I was in the hospital for 14 hours.  That part wasn't so fun but how it turns into a Grey's Anatomy Episode was.

I had a charlie horse a few days prior and then had a bad pain in my back by my lungs and couldn't breathe properly.  We went to the ER to get me checked and fortunately it wasn't a kidney stone as the intern originally thought, a blood clot as we thought or a heart attack as the nurse thought.  It was just a muscle spasm and pull.

While waiting in the ER, a motorcycle accident was brought in, which triggered a whole family trying to all get back into the rooms and trying to sneak in.

Fast forward to when I'm in the room and the Dr that walks in, I kid you not, looked like Maggie Pierce from Grey's Anatomy!  She even told me that her first name was Maggie.  We talked about how much she loved the Hudson Valley and could never be in Seattle because it doesn't rain as much.  That was a much needed laugh.

While I'm waiting for my tests and settling in for the night I experienced MORE of the Grey's episode stuff:

  • Guy freaks out because he doesn't like needles and streaks down the hall
  • Police come to search another patient
  • Security has to tackle a 3rd patient
  • Medical Students lose a chart and then a patient
  • Pizza Delivery guy gives food to the wrong person and sends them into arrest.

I feel fine after resting.  I'm glad to be back and since I never did get that roll on Grey's, I guess I can still say I was in one, right?

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