Well, as I said in a previous blog, my Friday the 13th usually ends up being more of a weekend thing and that was exactly the case this time too.

You can read how my actual 13th went HERE but it really gets weird and creepy.

Saturday, I really wasn't feeling well but had to DJ 2 separate events but luckily for me they were in the same location so I pack my bag with my phone charger, laptop charger, tissues, cough drops, medicine that I'll need because I'll be there from 2pm until midnight with really no time leave.

I make some food and pack it in the bag as well.  Double check to see that everything is there and as I'm about to leave, my in-laws walk in which is a whole new kind of chaos but I manage to walk out the door in time.

I'm 5 minutes from my event and I get a text from my wife saying that I forgot my bag and shirt.  I looked down to notice that I'm wearing a t-shirt under my coat.

OK, how am I going to do this?  I end up having a shirt in my car so that works but the other stuff is going to cause a problem.

Somehow, it all went off without a hitch.  The being sick part got worse, way worse though.  I ended up blacking out a few times but the job still got done.

I finally make it home and pass out in bed.

Sunday, I decide to go to the ER and after getting taken care of, I'm assuming that my ER visit was the end of my 13th weekend.

Then, the phone rings in the car.  It says that it's ME calling.  My phone is in my pocket so I try and answer through the car because at this point I need to know how I'm calling myself.

Finally, I hear, "calling Bryan."  What?  How am I calling myself?

"OK, now it stopped", I thought.   Wait, the phone is my pocket is now ringing.  I don't know if I want to even look.

The car rings again and now says 'Calling Bryan'.

OK, PLEASE let this weekend and day be over.

I guess if that's all that happened, I can't really be to upset.

I'm just glad it won't happen again for a few months.

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