The heat in my car stopped working about 2 weeks ago and it really wasn't a big deal because the weather wasn't really cold enough to worry about it until last week.

Once I was in the car and driving it, the heat would blow enough warm air that I really didn't notice it.  The only thing that I really couldn't do was take the baby with me because I never knew exactly how warm it was going to get in there and I couldn't have her getting cold.

I finally was able to figure out what was wrong and talked to a few mechanics and a few neighbors and found out that it really wasn't going to be that hard to do.

I consider myself a pretty good back yard mechanic but I had never done anything like this so I told my wife that I was going to need a few hours to fix it last night.

She told me to take the baby for a walk and then do it.

I'm out on my walk and she texts me that she had to run out for a few.  By the time I get back from my walk she had it fixed.

She later informed me that she had replaced 5 or 6 of them in the past and knew it wasn't tough to do.  She said it took longer to drive and get the part than to fix it.

That's awesome and I'm thankful but why did she make me wait?

I really think she wanted to make me suffer a little.

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