If you've always wanted to be a part of a major movie and get an inside look at how it's done, this may be your opportunity.

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Seems like the Stamford and New Canaan area has become Hollywood East recently, as a number of movies have been filming there. The latest is a film called The Noel Dairy, and if you've always dreamed about being in a movie this might be your shot.

According to newcanaanite.com, the movie will be produced by Netflix and is set to start filming scenes in the area sometime in late June, and the movie company is currently looking for locals to be extras in the production.

It will seem like Christmas in June in the town as the film crew will transform parts of downtown New Canaan into a holiday wonderland, with giant screens showing the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life, an ice skating rink, snow on some of the hills, and lots of other Christmas-like festivities.

Variety says that the movie is based on a book of the same title penned by Richard Paul Evans and will star actors Justin Hartley from This Is Us and Treat Williams from Everwood,

So what will you have to do if you land the role as an extra? The work day will be an entire overnight of shooting on Main Street starting at 8 PM and going until the sun comes up, and according to a press release from the casting company, you may be required to do a number of different tasks in the scene you're selected for.  You could be a walker in a scene, sitting with a friend, engage in pretend conversation, cross the street between camera shots, or doing a specific tasks that will be assigned on the day of the shoot.

Of course, you'll also get the star treatment and get free snacks, water, and coffee throughout the day. Plus, you will get a hot meal half-way through the day if you're there for the entire day (full 12 hrs). You will fill out your contract for payment on set. Usually ,you'll receive a check in the mail anywhere between 2-4 weeks from your shoot date.

To sign up to be considered as an extra, you'll need to visit the casting site, Citrola Casting, LLC. You'll be asked to fill in your info, and may also be asked to include your measurements, your location in Connecticut to Stamford/New Canaan, a head shot, and a full body shot. Sign up here.

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