I love nothing more than a Do-It-Yourself kit. They've been super popular around here in the Hudson Valley during this whole New York State on Pause situation.

We've heard of pizza kits, donut kits for the kids and now a Dutchess County restaurant is hooking up the adults. If you've always wanted to make a delicious sangria but never had the patience or ingredients this is your chance.

Patsy's Roadhouse in Hopewell Junction introduced their DIY Red Sangria Kit.

With the purchase of a meal, you can order the Sangria Kit which comes with all the fixin's to make Patsy's Roadhouse Sangria at home.

How refreshing does that look?! Is it too early for one now? No word yet on if these are still available, but we hope they make this a daily menu option...at least while we're still in quarantine.

What drinks have you made at home so far?


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