Nature is truly healing in the Hudson Valley.

Last week pictures were shared in the Hudson Valley in Pictures group on Facebook of a moose frolicking around in Pine Plains. 

On Tuesday, May 25, another photo of a moose was shared. This time the moose was spotted in Saugerties. We reached out to the photographer and they told us they saw the moose on the side of Old Kings Highway, in Saugerties, at around 8 pm.

Is the said moose in question the same moose that was spotted in Dutchess County? If so, this moose has had quite the Hudson Valley journey.

Since the latest spotting was in Saugerties, let's call our new moose friend Gertie.

Gertie would have had to cross over from Dutchess County to Ulster County somehow. I have so many questions. Did Gertie grab some grub at Pine Plains Platter then walk it off over the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge? Stopped in at Dallas Hot Weiners in Saugerties and then took off back into the wilderness?

The last time I saw a moose in the Hudson Valley was at Bugaboo Creek in Poughkeepsie back in 2008. Have you spotted Gertie the Moose? Let us know!

So far in 2021, we've had 2 moose sightings. While it's not unheard of, it's rare in the Hudson Valley. Moose are more common in the Northeastern part of New York. The DEC explains:

In New York, most moose are located in the northeastern part of the state in the Adirondack Mountains and the Taconic Highlands along the Massachusetts and Vermont borders. Moose are primarily browsers, feeding on the leaves, twigs, and buds of hardwood and softwood trees and shrubs.

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