When you think of a haunted trail, you probably think of Halloween and actors dressed up in scary costumes, popping out of the woods to scare you right?

Well, the Haunted History Trail of New York State isn't anything like that.The publication has created a space for history and paranormal enthusiasts to find a happy medium.

They share different locations across New York State that are rich in history and have their fair share of spine-tingling experiences. There are several locations across the mid-Hudson Region on the list, but it looks like a new one was just added. 

This time from Orange County!

Haunted History Trail Adds New Orange County, New York Inn

Recently, The Haunted History Trail Of New York State shared a new addition to the trail. The Borland Inn and Brunch House has been nestled in Montgomery, New York in Orange County since the 1780s and is now the newest inn on the Haunted History Trail list.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to HHTNYS, a prominent lawyer, politician and District Attorney named Charles Borland Jr and Isabella Hill Borland lived in the home. Over the years,5 family lines have owned the home. The longest being "100 years, held by the Borlands, and 100 owned by Henry Hintz and his family" as reported by the Haunted History Trail.

With a history like that, of course, there's a haunted past.

What Phenomena Has Been Captured at The Borland Inn and Brunch House?

Thankfully, all the haunted encounters haven't been that terrifying. The current owner of the Borland Inn explains to The Haunted History Trail "she has only felt warmth and welcome within the house."

The manger shared her "strange experiences" with the Haunted History Trail website and shares that she has heard "footsteps in the dining area late at night" as well as seeing shadowy figures across the property.

We also learned that psychics have claimed to be drawn to the house. Could it be the spirits calling for them to share their messages from the afterlife?

The Haunted History Trail writes:

 Guests have reported hearing footsteps outside their door along with the shadows of feet. TVs have been known to turn on and off by themselves. But despite the strange occurence, no malicious presence has been felt and the owners and guests find that the spirits are happy with the way the house is kept.

Sounds like the spirits are perfectly fine with how The Borland Inn and Brunch House is running in 2024.

You can learn more about The Borland Inn and Brunch House and how to stay the night on their website and social media accounts. 

Legally Haunted Home in New York State

Now, can we say the Borland Inn and Brunch House is haunted legally? No, not yet at least (but we're willing to test it out!). However, there is one home in the region that is legally, on the books, haunted.

Take a look:

Look Inside Hudson Valley, New York Home That's Legally Haunted

Gallery Credit: Brandi Hunter

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