Say what you want about 2020 but one thing I know for sure that came out of "the year we all stayed home" is the fact that a lot more of us took on a home garden. Don't take my word for it according to there was an uptick in gardening due to the Coronavirus.

I didn't have time to actually plant a garden but I did end up with a few potted plants. My neighbors however had amazing gardens. One of my neighbors had so much growing in her garden she ended up sharing it with the neighborhood. I ended up with Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, okra and fresh peaches.

Another result of our year where life slowed down and there was more time spend at home was a lot of us got back to cooking with fresh ingredients which means trips to the farmer's markets and farm stand. I never had to stand in line this at the grocery store this year but I have stood in line at my favorite farm market all summer. Something about the farm fresh fruits and veggies made this summer of nothing to do taste a whole lot better. I actually found it very comforting to be able to shop at a farm market all summer.

This coming Monday, October 12th happens to be National Farmer's Day. A day set aside to honor our farmers who bring us fresh farm produce all year long. We are lucky to live in a country that has such an abundance of farmers. Just look around the Hudson Valley, we have amazing farms in every county. We grow apples and peaches. We have beef and poultry. We have corn, grain and hay. And all of that is just the tip of the Hudson Valley farming industry. SO on Monday let's celebrate our local farmers and that includes all of your home gardeners too. Share pictures of your favorite harvest and use #NationalFarmersDay

If you have never heard "So God Made a Farmer"  please take a moment and give it a listen for National Farmer's Day.

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