A New Jersey man went from searching for construction supplies on Craigslist to donating his kidney.

Glenn Calderbank, 49, says he found his true calling while searching the construction section on Craigslist and found a misplaced ad of a husband searching for a kidney for his wife. This struck a chord with Calderbank because he lost his wife Jessica to kidney failure four years ago.

The Berlin, New Jersey man wasn’t a kidney match for his wife of 10 years. Instead she received a kidney and pancreas from a cadaver. She died during dialysis before the rejected organs could be removed in 2011.

Calderbank believes a higher power was in play for him to find the misplaced kidney want-ad, because construction is the only topic he searches for on the internet. He tells CBS, "I was meant to see that. I believe that Jessica somehow — or karma — whatever it is. Put that in the wrong spot because that’s the only place I go on the computer anyways.”

Nina Saria, of Egg Harbor City, N.J. was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2014. The 32-year-old mother to a seven-year-old boy landed on the transplant list and was told it would take up to five years for a transplant.

Calderbank called the Craigslist couple and told them he knew, before testing, he was a match. Turns out he was. Calderbank is scheduled for surgery to donate his kidney to Saria on December 1st.

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