For Midland, taking a break from touring to attend the 2018 CMA Awards meant a chance to come up for air and reflect on the magnitude of the industry's recognition of their music.

"It's our first time being nominated. We're super grateful for it," frontman Mark Wystrach explained to The Boot and other media outlets in advance of the ceremony, at which the trio was up for Vocal Group of the Year, New Artist of the Year and Single of the Year. "We've had our heads down, just really focusing on the task at hand, with a full touring schedule and working on the second album. It's been kinda crazy. We're gonna clock some 280 days away from home."

Wystrach adds that he and his bandmates, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy, didn't necessarily expect to find both critical and commercial success while making their particular brand of country music.

"When something like this happens and you get nominated, it causes you to pause a little bit and reflect on everything that's happened," he goes on to say. "We're as surprised as anybody else that it's working on a commercial level and a critical level. Yeah, we're really proud of it, and having fun."

Midland's moment of reflection will be short-lived, however: They recently announced that their Electric Rodeo Tour will extend into 2019, and have plans to perform a particularly memorable show in Music City.

"We're headlining the Ryman, which, for us, is probably one of the most spectacular things that's happened in our career so far," Wystrach admits. "To get asked to come and perform at the Mother Church is an incredible honor, but to get to come in and do your own show there, that's really special."

However, when they're off the road, their plans are significantly less glamorous.

"[The first thing I do when I get home is] check my bed to see if my cat p--sed on it," Wystrach admits.

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