Chinese food is one of those things that I can have any time of day. Once every week or two, I'll go out for lunch and bring some Chinese food to the station. I can have a whole meal consisting of chicken and broccoli with a side of rice, steamed dumplings, shrimp roll and a fortune cookie, and come out the other side asking for a complete second helping. It's so delicious, simple and easy.

Yelp, Number 1 Chinese Restaurant
Yelp, Number 1 Chinese Restaurant

Maybe one of these days, I'll mix up my order a bit. I feel with minor exceptions, I order the same thing every time, regardless of the location. That's the nice thing about Chinese food restaurants, you know what you're getting into each time. It's uniform. But you know what? You're going to swear that it is not any better than your favorite spot back home.

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Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't, but regardless of how similar Chinese restaurants can be at times, there is always something to set them apart. My dad will drive an extra ten minutes to get to this one restaurant just because he feels that they have a better distribution of meat and vegetables than the place right down the road from us. We love both places, but whenever he is in charge of ordering, he always ends up there.

It's typically in the little details that can win over customers, and these Middletown restaurants are treating their customers right. Below are the Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Middletown, New York according to Yelp. Did we miss your favorite spot? What other towns should we write about? Message us in the app.

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