This Friday April 30th is a special day to many of us who have what people refer to as fur babies. This Friday is the day we put a spotlight on all the animals that are in are shelters that are awaiting adoption to their forever homes. Friday is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

Many of us who have a pet in our lives adopted them for a local shelter. There is something so special about the bond a shelter pet has with their forever family. They may need us but really need them. It is hard to go to a shelter and select just one. After you meet the pets looking for homes you often want to adopt them all. Of course that is not practical.

photo by PQ

Pearl's first day on the porch was a bit scary for her but now it is her perch to the world.

A good plan is to adopt one pet unless they are part of a bonded pair then you have to adopt both. Then in order to help the animals you couldn't adopt make sure you donate to the shelter on a regular basis it really helps. Knowing that you have to leave so many behind waiting to find someone who could adopt them can be hard but staying in touch with the shelter and continuing to support them does help you and the shelter.

In April of 2009 my husband and I discovered Minnie Pearl. We actually located her on She along with her mom and siblings had been brought up from Tennessee to Pets Alive in Middletown. We are grateful everyday that we found Pearl and were able to adopt her. She is a member of the family. She keeps us on our toes. And over the 12 years she has spent with us she has been responsible for bringing lots of love and laughs.

photo by PQ

This is Pearl in her favorite spot on the couch watching golf. She loves to watch golf.

photo by PQ

Since her first day with us she has loved to tailgate. Sitting on the back tailgate of the car is her favorite spot no matter what we are doing.

If you think it is time for you to have a dog or cat as a companion and a member of the family follow one of the links below and celebrate on Friday that you are ready to adopt a shelter pet.


Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary

Take Me Home Pet Rescue

Ulster County SPCA

Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County

Dutchess County SPCA

Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Animal Welfare Society of New Milford CT

Hudson Valley SPCA in Newburgh NY


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