This would definitely be my luck. Imagine you go into your local convenience store and buy a few scratch off tickets. You start scratching them off and BOOM one ticket says you have one $500,000. I think I might possibly die. Your screaming and jumping around and wait for it.....BOOM.....your ticket was a misprint and you win nothing. Sounds like a bad dream right?

Well this happened to a New Mexico man. According to NBC 4, John Wines bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and according to the ticket he won $500,000. He went into the gas station where he bought the ticket and the clerk told him that he wouldn't be collecting any winnings because the max prize on ticket was $250,000, so there had to be something wrong with his ticket.

Wines then contacted the lottery people and they told him that there's a flaw in that particular pack of tickets and that he wouldn't be collecting the grand prize. Obviously Wines, who recently retired, thinks he should receive the prize and said that lottery officials have offered him $100 in free lottery tickets.

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