Looking for some things to do in the Hudson Valley, or within one hour, that are fun, interesting and "Christmas-y" close to home. Are there some 'things' that you need to do to make yourself feel more holiday-ish?

You might call these 'Christmas Traditions' but hopefully they get you into the spirit and make your holiday Merry and Bright:

  • Go to Rockland Bakery in Newburgh and get Christmas cookies.
  • Head to any location throughout the Hudson Valley (and beyond) to find Santa and get your picture taken with him.
  • Write Santa a letter. Tell him all the things you have done 'good' this year to help others. Drop it off at one of the many 'Letters to Santa' collection boxes. Look for them at your favorite shopping mall.
  • Go to Krause's Chocolates (any of their locations) and get yourself a real candy cane that was made locally.
  • Watch at least three Christmas movies. No, you don't have to watch them all in one day, but pick ones that you love. It can be National Lampoon's, Charlie Brown or any number of movies. The only qualifier is that you have to like them.
  • Grab your friends and head to the Catskill Mountain Railroad to take their winter train ride. You'll need to bundle up, but it is a great outdoor activity, that doesn't require snow.
  • Stay bundled up and go ice skating. Yep, this could be challenging if you don't have an balance, but if you go with your friends it could be a good time.
  • Attend a tree lighting, or host your own. You could also host a tree trimming party. Grab a few snacks, a few beverages, some hot apple cider and voila, a party!.
  • If there is snow, then you can go sledding. Yep, you might think its for kids, but Christmas brings out the kid-at-heart. Just make sure to bundle up.
  • Lastly, make that snow man. Again, you'll need some snow for this one, unless you can get some really big white trash bags, and make a snow man using those big bags.

What do you do each year to get you into the holiday spirit?

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