Anyone who follows Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline on social media can attest to the fact that pranks are a family tradition around the Bryan household. In fact, the prank wars can get pretty intense: Bryan recently admitted that Caroline's even given him some "scars" over the years.

No family member is safe, and even Bryan's mom LeClaire has been on the receiving end of a few pranks over the years. In 2019, the superstar couple made LeClair the target of one of their annual "12 Days of Prankmas," enlisting a woman to pose as a crazed fan and chase after Bryan and his mom on a golf course.

Now, LeClaire has been the target of yet another prank, and she took to Instagram to put the younger Bryans on notice that she's plotting revenge:

"Gosh, Caroline, I enjoyed you and Luke visiting. But please, when you come to see me, don't leave these in the room," she says, holding up a pair of silicone breasts and then dropping them out of the screen with a smack.

Since she's stuck at home during quarantine, LeClaire's got all the time in the world to think up the perfect retaliation.

"LET THE PRANKING BEGIN," she captions her post. "I am bored so I cleaned good today, goodness what a mess they made."

LeClaire has already proved that she can party just as hard as her superstar son, and has become an unofficial superstar in her own right as one of the coolest mamas in country music. During Bryan's Mexico-based Crash My Playa Festival in January 2020, she showed off her own "Mama Bryan's spa party" on social media, sprawling out in a bubbling hot tub surrounded by beer cans. Unsurprisingly, fans replied saying they'd line up for the chance to party with Mama Bryan.

When he's not busy dodging pranks from his wife, Bryan is celebrating having new music out. His seventh studio album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, came out early in August.

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