Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have faced countless highs and lows in their 12-year-marriage, including a miscarriage. Caroline opens up about the loss in a revealing new podcast interview for Get Real.

"When Bo was born, he was a surprise," she says. "I got pregnant when we had been married for six months. I was not expecting that at all, and then we had a miscarriage."

Much like the countless couples who find themselves facing the same strife, Caroline and Luke had to navigate through the pain.

"Luke didn’t really know how to comfort me because, you know, he didn't get it," Caroline recalls. "As girls, when you go through it and you lose it, there is a loss and it sucks and it hurts. It's awful physically. Guys, I don't think they know because they haven’t felt it or seen it. For girls, it's a true loss and for guys, I don’t know if it's a true loss."

Luckily, a healthy son named Tate arrived just a few years later.

"Sometimes, I'm kidding but I will tell people (that Luke) and I ... that's the one easy part of our life," she says. "If we want to get pregnant, I got pregnant instantly. We are so fertile I wash our underwear separately. I don't, but that's just what I say."

In true Caroline fashion, she laughs, but it's as if you can still hear the pain surrounding the miscarriage. "He and I get pregnant very easily," she says. "I've only lost one, but it does — it just sucks because it just hurts as a lady. It just hurts."

The couple are now raising sons Bo and Tate, as well as their teenaged nephew, Til.

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