Have you ever played the Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart? If you haven't I recommend that you do so immediately, but if you have then you'll know what I'm talking about. There's a "VS" level that puts you against another Kart driver and the objective is to pop all the balloons on their Kart while avoiding obstacles such as banana peels and turtle shells.

The guys over at Dude Perfect put together a real life version of the game, minus the turtle shells plus flour, oil and of course bananas. They're calling it Archery Kart Battle and they tapped in a special guest. Country music is full of sharp shooters and Luke Bryan has to be the perfect pick.

Luke joined the dudes and jumped right on the back of the red team Kart. Armed with a bow and arrow (not a regulation arrow, but one that wont severely injure any of the guys), red jumpsuit and baseball catchers gear Luke was ready to go.

You know, with Luke's bow and arrow experience I'd figure his team would have come out on top. I guess the obstacles were too much for Luke, better luck next time buddy!

The guys over at Dude Perfect have a new show coming to CMT called "The Dude Perfect Show" airing in 2016.