It's easy to get caught up in all the negative news to hear about, so it's nice to report on something inspiring from time to time. This was quite the heroic deed.

ABC NY is reporting that two escaped dogs fell into frozen water at the O'Hara Nature Center in Irvington over the weekend. This could have very easily ended tragically if it wasn't for one good samaritan and his own dog who happened to be walking near the reservoir.

ABC reports that Timofey Yuriev was walking his golden retriever Kira when he saw the trapped dogs out on the ice. That's when he quickly jumped into action by removing his shirt and jumping into the icy water to rescue them.

Yuriey was able to save both dogs, with the second rescue being a bit more difficult. If you think jumping shirtless into frozen water like this is crazy and suicidal, Yuriey actually had some special training that paid off big time this particular day.

He's actually had some experience swimming in frozen water before.

Yuriey is from Kazakhstan, and according to him, was taught how to swim in ice by his grandfather in Siberia when he was a young boy. Apparently, it's all in the breathing technique. CBS says he would later become a swimmer and diver on his own.

Of course, he didn't do this all alone. His own dog Kira also jumped in the lake after him and touched each trapped dog with her nose to help round them up. Yuriey, Kira, and the two other dogs all got back to shore safely.  

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