Did you know a home in the Hudson Valley was declared legally haunted? Would you want to live in it? Or spend the night?

This spooky home is found in Rockland County. I'm sure most would never want to set foot in a legally haunted home. So let's take a safe look inside with the photos below and learn how his home became legally haunted.

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Without being told that a home was haunted the Stambovsky family purchased a home located at 1 Laveta Place in Nyack. Jeffery Stambovsky later sued Helen Ackley declaring that he should have been told the home was famously haunted. The landmark ruling is now known as the “Ghostbusters Ruling.”

The home was built in the early 1900s. After George and Helen Ackley moved in, in the 1960s, stories began to surface that the home was haunted.

The Ackley’s said they would hear phantom footsteps, doors opening and slamming shut and beds shaking violently.

It’s believed that the house was haunted by not one, but three ghosts! According to Helen Ackley one ghost appeared as she was painting.

A psychic visited the house and believed that Sir George, also known as the “Ghost of Nyack,” and his wife, Lady Margaret, were haunting the Nyack home.

Helen Ackley passed away in 2003. It’s believed she is now also haunting the Hudson Valley home.

The early 1990s case led to what’s called the “Ghostbusters Ruling,” which states that sellers must disclose whether a house is haunted to potential buyers. A judge ruled that Stambovksy didn’t have to buy the house, but ordered Stambovsky and Ackley split the down payment.

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