If you are on Facebook there is a pretty good chance that you have seen a post from Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley. Like most folks I follow along and hope that the lost pet is reunited with its family. Fortunately they are great about reporting the happy endings. In this age of microchipping your pet to make it easier to get them home if they get lost, you might not think you need a group dedicated to getting the word out but it really helps. Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley uses social media to spread the word that a pet has gone missing. It's loyal group of followers get right on sharing the posts in hope that someone will see the pet as soon as possible. This often leads to the  home pet making it home safe and sound.

If you haven't found them on facebook yet you can use the link above. If you like what they are doing think about joining them Tuesday for dinner at Heritage Food + Drink. Located in Wappingers Falls Heritage Food + Drink will be donating 10% of the dinner proceeds from 5p to 8p to help lost pets find their way home.

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