Last January, that one time last year when they said it was going to snow and it didn't, I hunkered down for a weekend with my Netflix account. I didn't binge watch House of Cards or Orange is The New Black, no. I watched 30 episodes of Chopped.

I then went into my kitchen and tried to time myself cooking a meal and baking a dessert. It didn't really work out well for me. However, if we leave it to the professionals the usually end up winning a ton of cash and recognition.

That's why Chopped is the perfect show. It takes these local, smaller business type chefs and puts them on the map. I know the Hudson Valley has had a few contestants on the show including, Dafna Mizrahi from Monte's Kitchen in Amenia

Well, it looks like we have another local(ish) Chef making their Chopped debut. Chef Krista Espinal of Birdsall House in Peekskill will be cooking something up on for the judges on Chopped Sept. 29 at 9pm.

I'm always interested to see what crazy ingredients they get to work with. Honestly, who knows how to put chocolate chips and sardines together? It's crazy!

Good luck, Chef Krista!

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