Now that we have backed away from the turkey it is time to start talking tree. Christmas trees are a big part of the holiday season. This year it is estimated that we will spend millions on trees.

Just this weekend Governor Cuomo issued a statement asking that we shop for our tree locally.

Some of you may be into the artificial tree and if that works for you that's fine too. I know allergies can be a problem. But if you can have a real tree then you should consider getting one from a local tree farm. I get mine from Wallkill View Farm.

The trek to get the tree can become a family tradition if it isn't already. Like apple picking and pumpkin picking, Christmas Tree picking can be even more fun, you just have to dress warmer.

A few things to keep in mind when picking up a fresh tree is that they are sappy and they usually leave needles all over the car so make sure you bring the right vehicle and plan on vacuuming when you are all done. Most tree farms will have a net for it to be wrapped in but extra rope to tie the tree down to the car is always a good idea.

Check out this video for helpful tips on picking out your tree.


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