The good news was announced yesterday for all those who watch our shorelines, lakesides, and waterways in New York on State Park and DEC Land. The New York State Department of Environmental conservation shared on Facebook that New York State Governor Kathy Hochul had raised the hourly wage for state lifeguards in time for summer.

Over the past few months, both the state and private communities have struggled to find qualified people who were willing to take summer lifeguard jobs due to the low hourly rate the job paid. This move that will increase the pay for State Lifeguards will hopefully help address the shortage.

New York State Increase Lifeguard Pay

Kids enjoying summer vacation at the lake

Those of us who enjoy visiting NY State Parks & Historic Sites during the summer often pick where we go because of access to water such as a lake or a pool. DEC campgrounds and day-use areas are also places where this pay increase will be in effect. With this pay increase, we can hope that the places we stay this summer will have enough staff to keep all our favorite watering holes and pools open for enjoyment all summer.

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The pay increase takes the hourly rate in what is considered upstate facilities from $14.95 per hour to $20 per hour, downstate facilities will go from $18.15 per hour to $22. If you are currently a lifeguard with the state or are considering becoming one, you can access more detail from the state by visiting this link: New York Lifeguard Increase Info.

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To find out more about becoming a New York State Lifeguard you can click here for information on qualifications and how to apply. If you do wish to apply the state wants you to be aware that working weekends and holidays is a must. The program offers some free training and certifications to help applicants get qualified. You can also find out more by calling (518) 457-2500 Ext.1 or emailing

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