We're getting ready for Halloween in two weeks so it's prime carving time.

A lot of us follow the time old tradition of putting pumpkins on your door step during the month of October. Some paint their pumpkins, others use it for a delicious batch of roasted seeds and then they're are the carvers. You're either great at it or just mediocre.

I've been a mediocre pumpkin carver all my life. But I do it every year. It started out as tradition with my parents, then I continued in college and then my niece and nephew wanted to get in on the fun.

This year I decided to actually put some effort into my pumpkin. So I found an awesome pumpkin (from Adams in Wappingers!) and a carving kit that was only $6 at CVS.

It was a super easy process to follow and as long as you pay close attention, you'll feel like  a pumpkin carving master at the end.

Check out my ghostly carving below.


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