As the leaves fall across the Hudson Valley the yearly clean-up begins with one Wappingers Falls man asking an interesting question.


One thing I've missed over the last few years since I sold my house is the yearly leaf clean-up. I understand it sounds crazy but every year as the leaves started to fall in my yard I would always look forward to raking and blowing them all over the place. I used to make it a competition between myself and all the other yards in my neighborhood. I NEVER wanted to be the yard with any leaves on it...LOL!

I always had fun raking leaves but some folks arent as into them as I am. Brian sent us a message today asking an interesting question that he's looking for an answer to. Here's what he wrote us:

"Leaf lovers are going to hate me but what do you guys think about this. Where I live I don't have any trees in my yard, but my neighbor does. He has two giant trees in his front yard, and when the leaves drop every year it covers my yard. There are so many leaves, it drives me crazy. So last year I decided that I was going to blow them back into his yard since that's where the leaves are coming from. He FREAKED OUT! He keeps telling me that he can't control where the leaves fall, and he's not responsible once they hit my yard. I say it's the same as if your trashcan blows away and lands in a neighbor's yard, it's still your trash can! Am I right to blow the leaves back into his yard, since they came from there?....Brian"

I think it's an unwritten rule in neighborhoods all across the Hudson Valley that when the leaves drop and if they fall on your yard it's your responsibility to clean them up. Right? Now clean them up only if you want to, if you choose to just let them sit on your yard and hope for the wind to blow them away, that's your choice.

I don't think blowing them back on your neighbor's yard is the neighborly thing to do and if Brian was my neighbor I think I would have an issue with his methods as well.

What do you guys think?

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