When one of my friends is having an issue, I try to just listen and let them vent. I'll offer the best advice I can, but I'm still learning about life and growing up in a way, so I always wonder...is my advice good?

This week, one of my closest girlfriends was talking about how excited she was to go to her guys lake house for 4th of July. Now... I said  "her guy" because they are in that awkward phase where they are seeing each other, but haven't said they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet (Isn't dating lovely).

The night before 4th of July, she was texting me like usual and mentioned she hasn't heard much from him today. First, I suggested maybe he was doing some last minute prep for the holiday since he had other friends going up as well.

The morning of 4th of July, she calls me saying still no word from him. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I said maybe he is just sleeping. It gets to be 1:00 in the afternoon and she called me saying he texted her that he went up to the lake house the night before (dun dun dun) without her, and he is relaxing just about to take a quick nap.

In my mind, things just aren't adding up, but I don't want to sound the alarm with her yet. It gets to be 4:30 p.m., and she calls me saying she hasn't' heard more from him.

Here's how social media can incriminate you, through another Facebook account, she was able to see he posted a status inviting people to come on his house for a party, but blocked her from seeing it. Also, through Snapchat she was able to see he was moving on a boat through the location feature (not really sure how that works).


When she called and asked for my advice, I explained that the whole thing seemed really shady and you have to call him out on it. Then the most important steps; make a drink, blast some Carrie Underwood (Dirty Laundry or Before He Cheats) and kick him to the curb.

Then I thought about it, is that too harsh? Maybe there was a legitimate reason for his behavior?

Either way I felt like it's something straight out of a reality show. Drop a comment below if you have any advice.

*I asked permission to write about this :)


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