I got a message on Facebook from James over the weekend and he had a question that I thought would be fun to debate out on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show.

He said that he met up with his wife while she was having coffee with a few of her girlfriends and when he sat down they were talking about how they all hate when other people call them ma'am. She said to him that ma'am is for old ladies, and in case she needed to remind him, she's NOT an old lady.

I asked the ladies of the Hudson Valley if it bothers them when they are greeted with ma'am and most ladies agreed that it was a respectful way to greet a woman. Meta Marcy was in doing tarot card readings and we asked her what she thought and her answer was a great one. She said that if you call her ma'am that means "you are not in my dating pool".

I was asked if being called "sir" bothers me and honestly it doesn't at all but one thing I hate being called is "boss", I can't stand it!!! I'm not really sure why but I thinks it's the worst. I compare it to when a woman is greeted with "hun" or "sweetie". Just the worst.

Ladies, call the show anytime at 845-473-9431 and let us know if it bothers you at all if you are called "ma'am" or you can leave us a message on Facebook.

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