Kip Moore took the stage at the Boots in the Park, a music festival in California, on Saturday (Sept. 14), poised as always to bring his brand of country music to adoring fans. But on this particular night, he had a whole lot more in store for them — he had something to say.

Moore told the crowd, somewhat out of the blue, that he anticipates he'll become a father within three years. During an interlude of his hit song "Hey Pretty Girl," the country star retold a conversation that he'd had with his mother earlier in the day.

“I don’t usually share personal stuff, but I was just talking to my mom today,” he says in a video captured by fans and shared online. “She’s down in south Georgia. She’s an amazing woman.”

“My mom will say, ‘Kip, I’ve never pressured you in anything but I’m ready to have a grandbaby,” he admits. The crowd erupted with cheers, with the women in the audience seeming especially interested in helping with his mother's request.

“Stop that shit … I’m going to start sweating right now,” Moore said, laughing before getting serious again. “I’ll try to give you one within three years, mama.”


Earlier this summer, Moore sat down with Taste of Country to talk about his search for love and how he is open to whatever fate awaits him.

“I always march to the beat of my own drum, and I have always lived with a heart that’s open, so I welcome all changes in my life,” he explains. “I welcome new adventures and new possibilities, and I never keep the door shut on anything.”

Moore is pushing a new single "She’s Mine," a song he actually wrote more than 10 years ago.

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