The rumor mill is in full swing in Ulster County.

Most of us have one person in our lives that are a super fan of shopping at one of our local Target stores. Luckily we have five Target stores to choose from including stores in Newburgh, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, and Kingston. Shoppers at the Kingston location have started to lose their minds at the possibility that they might be losing their favorite store.

Like most, I spend a little time every day scrolling around on several social media platforms. Facebook is the platform I spend the most time on and while I'm scrolling, I always find myself looking at posts in some of the mom's groups in the area. Moms from the Hudson Valley ask all kinds of questions in these groups from child care, to relationship advice, and every once and a while I'll see a post from someone that will lead to me taking a deep dive into whatever the post was about. That's precisely what happened today!

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Is Target in Kingston, NY Closing?

That question from a Hudson Valley mom posted in the Red Hook moms group caused lots of shoppers to start freaking out with comments like, "NO WAY!! "Oh no!" Another said, "This rumor is giving me anxiety!! Target is my happy place and if I couldn’t stop on my way home from work after a bad day I would be devastated!!! To set the record straight and to clear up any closing rumors we reached out to the folks at the Kingston Target for answers.

Remodeling or Closing?

Thankfully, the recent remodeling of the Target located at the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston is the reason behind some shoppers thinking the store might be closing. Target isn't going anywhere soon as the store's representative we talked to told us. They said that the store has been undergoing a remodel. With the entrance to the store and some products being moved around the store, some shoppers have been confused and that confusion has led to the rumors of the store closing.

Is Starbucks Leaving Target?

That was another question the remodel has raised! According to a comment on Facebook, Starbucks is also staying at the store, but it is moving to where the customer service counter used to be. Both Target and Starbucks are staying at the Hudson Valley Mall, but there is one business that is leaving soon, what store? Find out here.

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