The Kingston Police Department wants residents to remember to lock their car doors.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday April 2nd, the Kingston Police Department updated their neighbors on a past story regarding car thefts.

Back on March 9th Christopher M Rion was arrested and charged with with five counts of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the 4th degree. He is currently incarcerated at the Ulster County Jail.

The Facebook page goes on to explain that after an investigation into several motor vehicle thefts Rion was named a person of interested. Later it was found that Rion was in possession of the missing items from said thefts.  A laptop computer and four stolen credit cards were found in Rion possession.

Rion successfully used and attempted to use the credit cards to make purchases.

The items were stolen from unlocked cars during the period of March 1st through the 9th in several different locations around the City of Kingston.

The Kingston Police Department released a statement urging residents to keep their cars lock. They say:

We all want to live in a world where we and our property are safe, protected, and respected, but we don’t. If you don’t want to be a victim of a crime, it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to reduce your chances of becoming one. You are the first line of security! Remember that there are thieves that walk our streets! Stay safe!

They add:

Never leave valuables in your car. If you must leave packages or valuables in your car, place them in the trunk or under a blanket to conceal them so that they are not exposed.



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