Kane Brown has a 3-year-old on his hands, as his oldest daughter, Kingsley, celebrated her third birthday on Oct. 29. Her elaborate party was butterfly-themed, with plenty of pink to go around. And that cake!

The "One Mississippi" singer's wife, Katelyn Brown, shared a video of their little girl in her pink dress with her face painted like a butterfly, sitting at a small table with a large cake in front of her. The towering two-tier confection — almost the size of Kingsley — was adorned with delicate pink and lavender butterflies and topped with candles and the number three.

Watch a video from the moment below.

Kingsley sits shyly with her finger in her mouth, presumably while her guests sing her "Happy Birthday." At the end, she begins to blow out the candles on top before needing daddy to lift her in order to extinguish the final flame. Brown gives her a high five after placing her back on her chair.

In another post, we see the entire Brown family posing for a photo in front of a massive balloon display and backdrop that reads "Kingsley is three." Each is wearing pink. There is also a giant block-letter three lit up beside them.

From the other photos it looks like Kingsley enjoyed her own personalized bounce house and a tent with candles, fluffy pillows and twinkling lights. Her guests were also each given their own pink wings to wear.

The Browns welcomed Kingsley, their first child, on Oct. 29, 2019. Then, in 2021, they added to their family with the arrival of second daughter Kodi on Dec. 31. The couple opted to keep their second pregnancy a secret, which proved more difficult than they'd originally thought it might.

"It was crazy, man. I had to stay off social media, because people were sending us stuff," he revealed on the Bobby Bones Show at the time. "So we had, like, bags that said 'Kodi' on it, new bassinets that Kingsley is too big for. And we would do videos, we would have to see what was in the background to make sure. It was insane. So I was like, 'I'm just not gonna post.'"

With Kodi's first birthday just months away, the Browns are most likely already making plans for that celebration.

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