Sesame Street's Elmo has earned his own (not-too-)late-night television talk show, and the lovable red Muppet is already bringing in big stars. Country star Kacey Musgraves is an early musical guest on the new show.

Musgraves stops by an early episode of the Not-Too-Late Show to perform a Sesame Street favorite, "Rubber Duckie." Readers can press play above to watch the singer — appropriately clad in a yellow dress and winged yellow eyeliner — sing for a crowd of characters.

With bubbles floating behind her, Musgraves delivers the ode to Ernie's "cute and yellow and chubby" bathtime best friend. She accompanies herself on an acoustic guitar, creating a perfectly soothing arrangement of the Sesame Street classic.

The Not-Too-Late Show is a kid-focused (but, let's be honest, we're pretty excited to watch it, too!) parody of late-night TV talk shows, with Elmo as host. Each 15-minute episode, all of which will live on the new HBO Max streaming service, continues Sesame Street's penchant for creating children's television that's not only fun and educational, but also entertaining for grown-ups, who will get its pop culture nods and appreciate its celebrity special guests.

While Elmo is The Not-Too-Late Show's star, he — like every good late-night host — is supported by a cast of friends. Cookie Monster is the show's announcer; Mama Bear is the bandleader; Rosita, Bert and Ernie help out behind the scenes; and Oscar the Grouch has a recurring segment (well, he would if it didn't get cut for time!).

In addition to Musgraves, Lil Nas X has also already appeared on the Not-Too-Late Show, singing "Elmo's Song" with Elmo. He even got to chat with Elmo a little bit!

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