On Monday, June 20th, Junior's Lounge in Poughkeepsie was totaled after a tractor trailer ran off the road and hit the building. At the time, Junior's Lounge had become a go-to place for Karaoke for my friend group. The community at large, it was a place to chill after work, it was a place to sing and dance, it was a spot to hold events and get to know each other better. Junior's Lounge had been a staple in the community for so long, and it was heartbreaking to see it go. People were not going to let Junior's Lounge fade out of existence.

Bands BBQ & Brews

On Sunday, July 10th, Junior's Lounge and the Rossi Family hosted Bands BBQ & Brews. IT was held at the Former Polish Club Picnic Grounds in Salt Point. I was there at the event for most of the day, and I was overwhelmed by the incredible turnout. I got there only a half hour after the event officially started, and there were already hundreds of people there. Everyone was in such a great mood and ready to celebrate. As for the music and entertainment, it was spot on. Each artist has some connection to Junior's Lounge, whether they were a regular band or they got their start there because Junior's had faith in them and gave them a chance. The variety in music was captivating from country to rock to pop, getting everyone up on their feet. And what's an event like this without the food and beer. Plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs to go around with a beer tent that always had a humungous line. Not just that, but the table for deserts was amazing! I ran into people from all different parts of my life, whether that was teachers from elementary school, parents of friends from high school, college friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more. It was incredible the reach that this event had, and I think it was a testament to how many people in the Poughkeepsie area that Junior's Lounge had impacted over the years.

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Supporting Their Own

The main mission of Bands BBQ and Brews was to assist the transition of Junior's Lounge's bartenders and tenants, who are out of work and out of a home. In a recent statement, Junior's Lounge announced that they were are able to raise $58,700 from the benefit.

"We are truly grateful for the bands, the local businesses, the volunteers, and every individual who came together from both near and far to make this event so unbelievably successful.
The love and support received by all is greater than anything we ever could have imagined."

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